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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Ngarambe sex scandal and Uganda’s other political couples

The Ngarambe sex scandal and Uganda’s other political couples

For the last two weeks, since April 3, the sex scandal involving the First Secretary of the Rwandan embassy in Kampala, John Ngarambe and a married Ugandan woman, Joyce Rugunda, has been the talk of town in Uganda.

In an operation commanded by General David Tinyefuza, the presidential advisor on the intelligence services, Ngarambe and Rugunda were allegedly caught red-handed in room 220 at the Lake Victoria Hotel on April 1, having sex.

A diplomatic row between Uganda and Rwanda has once again broken out.

The question is, what is there in the Ngarambe scandal that is surprising in Uganda? these things happen all the time between the top leadership in Uganda and their women and boyfriends.

Radio Katwe has told you in detail of the endless sex scandals of President Yoweri Museveni. Many people who once respected him have been shocked to hear of these sickening things.

We have seen Joyce Rugunda and John Ngarambe.

But there is more. Here is the list for you of Uganda’s hot sex couples.

Janet Museveni and Philly Lutaaya

In the 1980s during the NRA war, the Museveni family was granted political asylum in Sweden.

During those idle years, Janet Museveni met a young Ugandan singer called Philly Lutaaya. He was struggling to make a career in music and the two became close. A few sources who know the inside story say that Janet Museveni got her HIV-infection from Philly Lutaaya and they claim that she might have infected Museveni.

Others say Museveni was infected by other women.

But the relationship was for real and the Ugandan community in Sweden saw it openly and knew about it.

That is why when Philly Lutaaya returned to Uganda and declared that he had AIDS, it is Janet Museveni who used her influence to see that he was given a national platform and he became a national hero.

But if you remember, Museveni tried to ignore Lutaaya. He was supposed to be Uganda’s new head of state who had led Africa to see the problem of AIDS, but he was refusing to work closely with Lutaaya.

If you read through his book “Sowing The Mustard Seed”, you will not see anywhere where Museveni says anything about Philly Lutaaya Uganda’s anti-AIDS campaigner.

In fact, a source has told Radio Katwe that if you check the book, you will be surprised that when Museveni is talking about his life and his achievements, he is completely quiet about the subject of AIDS.

He only talks about AIDS on one page, page 214, and there he is accusing Joseph Kony’s LRA men of infecting people with AIDS in Acholi.

At that time in 1996 when the book was completed, Museveni knew he was HIV-positive and his anger at being HIV positive because of Janet made him refuse to even talk about one of his otherwise major achievements, fighting AIDS.

Janet Museveni and James Tumusiime

Before the Museveni family went to exile in Sweden in 1983 or 1984, they stayed in Nairobi.

Naturally Janet became lonely. When her husband was out in the bush fighting his war of fundamental change, Janet found consolation in James Tumusiime. Museveni it seems did not know that Tumusiime was bonking Janet because at Tumusiime’s wedding, Museveni’s daughters Natasha and Patience were bridesmaids.

When Museveni found out that Janet had been sleeping with Tumusiime, he was so angry and jealous.

But he could do nothing. That is why he tried to keep Tumusiime down in Ugandan society. Tumusiime was prominent enough to be a minister in the first NRM government of 1986 but Museveni put his foot down.

Tumusiime was appointed the editor of the New Vision when it was started in 1987. But as soon as Museveni had a choice he appointed William Pike to head the New Vision and keep Tumusiime under Pike as deputy. .

Jovia Saleh and Hope Mukasa

During the Obote II regime, Hope Mukasa a young singer befriended the wife of a Major in the UNLA army. The Major wanted Mukasa’s neck and that is how he fled into exile in Kenya.

When he was in Kenya, he met a beautiful Kenyan from the coast called Sheena. She looked after him and tried to promote his music career.

Hope came back to Uganda in 1987 or 1988 and set up a recording studio in Kampala.

Somewhere, somehow, the wife of Major-General Salim Saleh, a one Jovia, eyed Hope Mukasa and she decided that she wanted him.

With Jovia, she does not wait for men to woo her. She is the one who gets the men she wants. Jovia came in and took over Hope from Sheena.

Sheena would feel so bad about it but she could do nothing. Jovia was mad about Hope. If Hope flew out of the country to Sweden, Jovia would jump on the next plane and follow him.

If Hope went to London and Jovia did not know about it, as soon as she knew of it, she would buy a ticket and fly to London. Jovia was chasing Hope, not the other way round.

Hope’s sister Juliet used to caution her brother about the affair. She said he had been exiled once because of playing around with the wife of an army man and it could happen again. But Hope could not shake off Jovia because she persisted.

When Hope Mukasa’s father became sick, he was admitted at the Kisekka Foundation Hospital in Kampala.

Jovia used to visit him almost everyday and she took care of the bills. When the old man died, Jovia Saleh was devastated.

At the time of the burial, Jovia ordered a whole Tata truck full of army beer to be taken to the burial site of Hope Mukasa’s father.

Jovia told some close friends that as far as she is concerned, she has never loved a man the way she loves or loved Hope Mukasa. Jovia said that General Salim Saleh is a boring man in bed and he does not know how to make a woman happy.

She said Saleh “finishes” very fast and she does not have time to enjoy sex.

Jovia Saleh has also been befriending young boys, and one of them used to come to sleep with her on a boda boda.

General Saleh has been humiliated as a man by his wife, but again, what can he do?

Hope Mwesigye and Sam Kuteesa

It is well known in some circles in Kampala that the Minister of State, Hope Mwesigye who is a sister to Jacqueline Mbabazi the Defence Minister’s wife, has become a concubine of the Foreign Minister Sam Kuteesa.

We are not sure when the two began sleeping together, but they are a tight match. Hope Mwesigye’s husband has had no choice but concede that he has lost his wife to Kuteesa.

Rose Kateera and Mwesigwa Rukutana

The Minister of State Mwesigwa Rukutana is another man who should not be laughing at the plight of the Rwandan diplomat.

Ever since the Kampala laywer Jonathan Kateera died in 1996 or 1997, Mwesigwa Rukutana has been doing the husbandly duties on Mrs. Rose Kateera.

In fact, one time Rukutana’s wife came to know about these two bedmates and she laid a trap for them.

They used to meet in the go down restaurant below the Crested Towers roundabout near Nile Hotel.

Mrs. Rukutana laid the trap and when the bonking had started, she stormed the love bed and caught the two embarrassed people in the same position as how Tinyefuza’s men grabbed Ngarambe at the Lake Victoria Hotel.

Susan Muhwezi and Yoweri Museveni

As we told you in our story on “James”, that is Jim Muhwezi, President Museveni has made Susan Muhwezi his bed partner. This has hurt Jim Muhwezi and humiliated him before his fellow men, but what can he do.

He decided to take revenge by sleeping with Museveni’s favourite child Natasha. In his humiliation, Muhwezi decided to grab money and become stinking rich as a consolation.

If you know of any other political couples who make Joyce Rugunda and John Ngarambe look so innocent, feel free to send in their names and their love stories to Radio Katwe.

Our mission is universal primary education, educating Ugandans on their true history between 1986 and 2006.


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